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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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with's range rebel and key can wing it all the way to jordan and chelsea's wedding. rumble! road trip. there she is. uh oh, oh, oh, oh, what? so here is our road trip itinerary. what's this? a bunch of different places... nah, bro. we gotta go off-script. rip to shreds every motel, cabin and teepee, between here and the wedding. now get out of my seat. alright. (screams) road trip! whahhhh hahaha... road trip! welcome back. brian williams here with you from new york as our continuing coverage rolls on of the very worst possible morning to wake up to for the people in baton rouge, louisiana, after an almost two-week period in national news because of the death of alton sterling coming out of a police-involved
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shooting on july 5th, then this morning a call to 911. we still don't know the content or motivation, was it to report something that was amiss, or was it instead to lure police officers into what became another kill zone? after the loss of five police officers in dallas, texas, and the national trauma that followed, and now we have three dead police officers in baton rouge, louisiana. two of them with the baton rouge city police department, one a sheriff's deputy in the county or parish surrounding that city. the only man identified by police as the sole shooter in this case down, killed by police. at the briefing we were given by law enforcement and the governor, they did not give any details about the accused shooter in this case, who
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experts say was using a long weapon. we have since found his name is gavin eugene long, age 29, from kansas city, missouri. not long after the briefing by officials in new orleans -- in louisiana, where it was clear they had much more work to do in the investigation, our attention shifted to the white house briefing room in the west wing and the president. >> this has happened far too often. and i've spent a lot of time with law enforcement this past week. i'm surrounded by the best of the best every single day. and i know whenever this happens, wherever this happens, you feel it. your families feel it. but what i want you to know today is the respect and the gratitude of the american people for everything that you do for
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us. five days ago i traveled to dallas for the memorial service of the officers who were slain there. i said that that killer would not be the last person who tries to make us turn on each other. nor will today's killer. it remains up to us to make sure that they fail. that decision is all of ours. the decision to make sure that our best selves are reflected across america, not our worst, that's up to us. we have our divisions, and they are not new. around the clock news cycles and social media sometimes amplify these divisions. and i know we're about to enter a couple of weeks of conventions where our political rhetoric tends to be more overheated than usual. and that is why it is so important that everyone, regardless of race or political
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party or profession, regardless of what organizations you are a part of, everyone right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country, rather than divide it further. >> president talked about the news media, the president talked about social media. the president talked about our politics and political leaders, because everyone is mindful, this tragedy in baton rouge takes place on the eve of the first of two political party conventions. chris matthews, part of our team in cleveland, ohio, to cover the start of the gop convention, where politics has already found its way into the tragedy we're covering today. chris? >> thank you, brian. well, donald trump today reacted to the shooting deaths of three police officers down in baton rouge, saying on facebook, we grieve for the officers killed in baton rouge today. how many law enforcement and people have to die because of a
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lack of leadership in our country? we demand law and order. when it comes to violence at home and abroad, trump has been emphasizing himself as the law and order candidate. and that theme is expected to play a big role on day one of the convention, which is tomorrow, focused on keeping this country safe. i'm joined by trump campaign manager paul manafort. let me ask you, thank you for coming on right now. how do you think the horror of today in baton rouge will affect the atmospherics here the next four and five days? >> well, it created an atmosphere of sadness. society is -- republicans grieve for the tragedy that happened in louisiana, happened around the world. but this convention this week is going to talk about the issues facing america and certainly the crisis in the cities will be one of those issues and unfortunately the events of the last week will emphasize the problems of failed leadership even more. >> whenever there is trouble or chaos of any kind, people tend
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to look for strength. they would like to see unity, but they tend to go for strength. which do you think will be the pull, the strongest pull in the american people, these next couple of months now. the need for a strong leader or someone who will bring us together, strength together, that sort of thing? >> we need both. the problem is the country cannot come together if it doesn't have leadership trying to bring that -- the country together. and that's the problem that the country faces today, the obama administration has totally blown it as far as the cities are concerned, the crisis in the cities today is because of the failed policies of the last eight years. people living in america's cities, their lives are much worse off, obama promised things will be better, but they're not. jobless rates are higher. the unrest is more intense. and the distrust of law enforcement is more acute than ever. and it is probably because things start at the top. the events of the last two weeks with the attorney general meeting with president clinton in a secret tarmac session in
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two days before her -- his wife testifies before the fbi, and then a whitewash of what everybody in america understands was clearly a violation of law, these kinds of things at the top set the attitudes down in the cities as well. so if you can't have respect for the attorney general, can't have respect for the fbi, then you find the people in cities who are feeling repressed because of the problems that this government has caused are not going to have respect for local police. >> let's talk about tangibles. you see the world, we all see these jobs disappearing. camera men replaced by robots, to the airport, people used to be wake persons are replaced by computer screens to order your hamburger, coffee, jobs are disappearing. people in business world, middle level people getting dumped because they want to squeeze out the paid people. there is so much stress on people. do you think -- i don't want to be a marxist about this, but
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economics, you were getting to it. what does economics do to drive this anger, this hair trigger mentality people seem to have in terms of police situations? how much is economics? >> you know as well as i that people today can't afford their job -- their lifestyle. it is not just that they're living extravagantly. people working one, two jobs and not being able to pay for education, health care, so even those who are working are suffering. but beyond that, the jobless rate is higher than ever. the unemployment number is a joke, the number of people out of the employment market is much higher. people have given up. that anger is what led to the kind of attitude towards government that you saw with brexit and you see here in the united states. and that's what donald trump understands. he's tapped into something that politicians are hiding behind because the people in washington who created the problem can't recognize the problem without causing their own demise. donald trump said, you know, a year ago, said, look, things are
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not working. things are broken. and finally the people have said, we have had it, no more lies, no more broken promises, no more government taking control and leaving us in our communities, not being able to control education, not being able to control the way we live, and that attitude is what now is leading to what is going to be something we talk about at this convention, is going to be the reason why donald trump and mike pence will be elected president and vice president of the united states. >> let me ask you, the president called for softer voices today, on both sides, your candidate, donald trump said hillary belongs in jail, says it rather regularly. hillary clinton has been pretty wild, she said donald trump will use the army once gets control as commander in chief to dispatch his political enemies. what do you make of that charge? it sounds third world to me, you use the army against your political critics? >> it is political rhetoric by hillary clinton, but, you know what, chris, nobody is listening
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to her. that's the problem she is, people aren't paying attention to her message because they don't believe her. over 60% of the country says she can't be trusted and they think she's a liar. so it doesn't -- >> but she belongs in jail? do you believe that? >> i think american people think that there are a number of things that have to be looked into. certainly the use of the office of secretary of state to advance the clinton foundation -- >> but do you believe she belongs in jail? >> that's for a court of law to decide. >> no, your candidate says she should be in jail. do you agree with him? >> my candidate says that the -- that she has had special interest taking care of her and those special interests, including the attorney general and including the fbi are not looking at the law the way they apply it to other people. ask general petraeus, ask him how he feels about the way hillary clinton was treated. >> let's talk about the rollout of mike pence. i think it was a -- i can say as a commentator, i thought it was
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an exquisite decision, it gives your party, your candidate a foundation among radio conservatives, among movement conservatives, christian conservatives, religion right people, gives you a foundation you didn't have before. an interesting marriage and a smart one, better than the other two prospects your candidate might have picked as running mate. tell me how do you think that trump, with pence, adds to trump. >> you got to look at how -- first of all, what donald trump said he wanted in a vice president, when he started the process several months ago. he said he wanted somebody with experience. he wanted somebody who could help him in washington, and he wanted somebody who could -- could help him do the job of president. mike pence is all of those criteria. the way he found out about mike pence is when he prepared for the indiana primaries and asked me, how is the state of indiana doing? what is going on there? when he found out how he was doing, he said this guy has got some real good experience. this guy is building a record, dealing with jobs, he's dealing with cutting taxes, cutting
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unemployment, he's balancing the budget and at the same time, donald trump found out governor pence was also building infrastructure, expanding education, and creating many opportunities that didn't exist before in indiana. so when he was analyzing the records of the people he was considering for vice president, mike pence fit the bill of what he wanted. had the experience of leadership, he had the experience of executive. he had a record in washington fighting for the balanced budget. and sitting on the foreign relations committee. he checked all the boxes. trump -- donald trump said this man will help me unify the party and bring strong leadership to washington so we can break the gridlock. >> i think it was a smart move. it reminded me so much the way it rolled out of how i've been working on this with jack kennedy and bobby kennedy, they had a real problem with lyndon johnson. they picked him and had second thoughts, cold feet, played around with it for hours, drove johnson crazy, said, okay, you got the job. was there cold feet on the part
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of donald trump in picking mike pence? did he have cold feet? >> no cold feet. a very resolute decision. what was misreported was the reason we postponed our announcement was because of the tragedy that happened in nice and it bothered donald trump, emotionally he responded to that with real empathy for the people of france and said it is not right to be doing a political announcement the next morning. so the conversations that were going on thursday night before he flew back from california were with me, talking about how do we rearrange things to move off of friday to saturday. but there was never any doubt on his part. and he was very proud of the decision. governor pence flew to washington -- to new york on thursday, and he didn't come to shop. >> thank you. paul manafort, where are you? we lost you? >> no, i'm here. >> thank you so much for your time. love to talk to you all week long. you no he whknow what's going o.
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congratulation on the convention. i hope it's safe. thank you so much, paul manafort. >> thank you, chris. >> much more ahead from cleveland, eve of this republican convention. up next, speak with the city's mayor and the police chief as cleveland gets ready for this event, like never before. what a week it could be in a number of ways. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. now get a swiss gear backpack for only $10. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record.
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the city of cleveland is expecting about 50,000 people this week for the republican national convention. and after today's deadly police shooting in batton rouge, polic and government officials in cleveland are heightening
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security measures. joining me now for more is jake on rascon. you're out there. what does it look like? >> out here, chris, just moments ago, the police officers scattered the protesters and they all left. they got pretty far. they marched for two hours. they got within several blocks in fact from where you are, we're here where you can see the steel fencing in place. the protesters started as a march, they said, to shut down the convention. they were only about 200 to 300 of them, but they were loud, they had their message and blocked the streets. and we had a taste of what is to come. we saw the officers on bike doing crowd control, making them turn on certain streets. we even saw one point when the protesters wanted to go a certain way and the officers didn't want them to. officers on bike in riot gear, which we haven't seen before. and in the end, the officers had a place they wanted them to stop, they surrounded them, had officers on horseback as well.
4:19 pm
and they forced them to stop where they were, and then they scattered them just moments ago. we're go to see protests like that, we expect all week. we have 123 protests that the city has granted to various groups to be able to protest in the event zone where we are. and in that zone, a lot of things are not allowed, like you have knives not allowed, even fruit not allowed or umbrellas. but what is allowed are guns, per state law. an open carry state. that's something that police talked about. the president of the police union said that he doesn't want that. but the police chief and deputy chief tell me, there is nothing they can do about it except to support the protesters and keep an eye on those who are open carrying. but they said they are most concerned about protesters who may be conceal carry. >> thank you. jacob rascon on the streets of cleveland. we in cleveland is cleveland mayor frank jackson and police chief calvin williams.
4:20 pm
mr. mayor, i was stunned, not stunned because i've gotten used to this, i went down to one of your public squares, the square that honors the veterans of the civil war, an amazing place. there is a guy with an ar-15, brandishing it and a pistol on his leg and what is this about? is this something you just got to live with in 2016? armed civilians? >> well, this is state law. state law allows for open carry. and since it is the law, we enforce the law with understanding there are conditions for you having an open carry. the chief can explain it. >> chief williams. thank you. >> yes. >> what do you make of -- you have to almost be a soldier, a policeman now. what does a policeman feel when he has a revolver, a handgun and the guy up against him has an ar-15 in. >> all of our officers are just kwfed with side arms. we have officers with long guns. and we have open carry events
4:21 pm
like that, we make sure that our officers are covered by officers with long guns. >> so you have back up on that. let me ask you about the challenge. this is pretty risky situation here. it is a minority city. it is a big city, had its own problems with police shootings, with the strife that comes with it, the social strife that comes with it and people here, regular americans, upset. and then we have the police shootings down in baton rouge today. what does it do to the situation you face as mayor? >> well, you know, it is a challenge that you have to deal with. not, you know, we can't bemoan the challenges, we just have to deal with it. this convention that we're having now, you know, we wanted two years ago, we have been preparing, we have adjusted a strategy in terms of safety and security depending on what was going on. you have to remember also that we have pretty good partnership
4:22 pm
with the local, state and federal assets. so law enforcement throughout the nation is involved in this. and so we feel confident that things will go well here and we'll meet whatever challenge comes up. >> the president said today that politicians should lower their voices and stop being so wild in what they charge. donald trump, as you know, we all know watching television, talks about hillary clinton belonging in jail, says it all the time. hillary clinton last week got into the -- is that a fact you think the tenor, the atmospheric around here? with these politicians, what they're saying? >> i won't speak on the political aspect of it. i think we all need to kind of calm down and lower our voices a little bit. we can't hear each other if we're yelling and screaming and that's on both sides. >> what do your officers feel when you go to the -- you have the -- everybody comes out for the roll call and everything?
4:23 pm
do you give them special advice? >> i tell them day in and day out, be careful, be careful. back up one another. and if the situation gets to be, you know, a little too dicey, then we can always call in other officers or sit and wait it out. our officers are taught de-escalation techniques, our officers are taught to make sure they treat people accordingly. we try to stay out of situations that are going to get us in trouble. >> how do you teach an officer to know the difference between a loud, perhaps obnoxious person who just wants to talk, and yell, and a person who is dangerous? >> well, it comes with training. it comes with experience. we're on east 4th street in cleveland. it is loud. there are a lot of people that, you know, aren't dangerous, but they're loud, they're boisterous and our officers with training and with experience get to know the difference between those two. >> i will add that one of the emphasis we put on as we look attica dea
4:24 pm
attia at cadets is whether or not they have an urban experience. urban koovgs is differeconversa than a rural conversation. you have to be able to appreciate and understand it. that's part of what we do the training, we also look at people who have some understanding of the culture and that urban way of life. >> so interesting, because i wish it was a pleasanter environment to make this reference, a guy waving over there, it is like umpires in baseball. an umpire in baseball, certain words you can use. and certain words you cannot use. >> this is what the chief talks about, de-escalation. if you don't understand urban experience, you will pretty much escalate a situation because you'll take something as a threat that really is not a threat. it may be aggressive. urban nature, urban culture. >> over the top talking is not a crime? >> no, no.
4:25 pm
that's what people do. >> i hope we limit it around here, especially to just loud obnoxious talk. congratulations on the responsibilities you folks have. this is a great -- this is sort of the epicenter of the world, this next week. mr. mayor and chief. i said to the bishop this morning at the cathedral at st. john's was praying for peace this week in cleveland. a nice thing. we all agree on. thank you so much. mayor frank jackson of cleveland and chief calvin williams. brian williams and rachel maddow will be with us and we'll track the latest developments on the latest police shooting in baton rouge, the eve, the day before the republican convention here in cleveland. our coverage continues in just a minute. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. now get a swiss gear backpack for only $10. office depot officemax.
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learn more at see what the power of points ssoon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week these 1-subject notebooks just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. far too often in the past two weeks we have been in our rolling breaking news coverage, far too often it has been a human tragedy, there have been domestic. they happened overseas. tonight here again, a broadcast we thought was going to be a preview and purely a preview of the upcoming gop convention, and yet these are the pictures we have been watching all day, those americans not enjoying a summer sunday, who saw any television coverage at all, who perhaps were curious after
4:30 pm
seeing a story mentioned on their device. here it is. you see at the bottom of the screen, three officers have been killed in baton rouge, louisiana. three wounded. one gunman shot and killed by police. a lot of questions whether they were lured into this, whether they were called, honestly and legitimately to a 911 report of a man armed, dressed in black, walking down a major thorough fare. officials are not saying a whole lot at this hour. they have given their one and only briefing of the night. it was incumbent upon news organizations to find out the identity of the suspect here. and this is where we are, we heard from the governor of louisiana, we heard from the president of the united states, and now a word about where we are physically. joined by my friend rachel maddow, we had been thinking we would talk perhaps about the gop convention, but then this kind
4:31 pm
of run of tragedies starting in france, and then an attempted coup in turkey almost, oh, by the way, and then some semblance of saturday into sunday and here we are. >> it is tempting to boil things down to their political consequences, immediately. what we have got in this circumstance is almost the opposite of that. very little political analysis, political coverage of what are monumental events in american presidential politics because of competing stories from around the country and around the world. i don't know what the political consequences are, that in terms of who wins and who loses because of that. but we are in a sort of meganews cycle, where not only is politics being reduced to sort of a tertiary secondary, even third tier story, but in some cases, the political consequences of what we're talking about are absolutely just completely beside the point. we saw an interview a little while ago, chris matthews,
4:32 pm
talking with paul manafort, donald trump's campaign manager, he tried to blame bill and hillary clinton in some ways for what he called the crisis in american cities, saying there is a crisis of lawlessness that starts with the top. trying to put a political cast on what is going on with police shootings around the country. i think that was a very awkward leap, woo el have the'll have tr on. we're in a position where the news is a surprise, every day, you can't plan in advance of what you're going to be talking about and if you think you have the luxury of doing slow political analysis, you analyze every element of everything, wake up and you'll find out that everybody is talking about something else. we'll be here for the drauratio. but this convention is taking place in cleveland, starting tomorrow, in an environment that was utterly, utterly unpredicted. people thought that the political consequences of donald trump's nomination would be so shaking to the republican party
4:33 pm
that either this would be an open convention or there would be chaos on the convention floor or there would be expected violence in the streets from people violent opposed. doesn't feel like that political story is happening at all. and what we're covering aside from the planned convention is stuff that has shutly nothi lab nothing to do with politics. >> at the height of our turkey coverage, someone said the attempted coup was a complete surprise to the white house. i thought, well, isn't that part of the definition of a coup. they don't announce a whole lot of them in advance, but that's been about it. >> i was going to -- to that point, i think the surprise factor is part of why everybody sort of feels like they're in shock over the last 30 or 35 days. it is not that we're unused to lots of different news things happening at once, always wars to cover, international intrigue to cover, and international politics to cover, and domestic
4:34 pm
events and crime, all those things to cover alongside politics. what happened here is the series of events each of which was a huge shock. from orlando, right, to the nice truck attack, to the turkey coup to all of these things, none of them were anything anybody saw coming. the referendum on leaving the eu, we knew that would happen, still the result of that referendum was a surprise. the fact is that everyday something happens that was completely unforeseen. that is, i think, why people are reeling and that's why i feel like the question of stability and strength right now and having steady leadership is sort of the only political consequence we can garner from any of this. i think we're really rocked by what this last 30 days has been like. >> a lot of people feel like their foundation is moving. to rachel's point, the last time baton rouge was in the news, people woke up today, heard baton rouge in terms of a shooting, and, of course, it was a police involved shooting, july
4:35 pm
5th. now we're dealing with this. and we're learning more about this young now dead solo shooter apparently that does not mean this was all the work of just one person. our justice correspondent pete williams has been chasing this down all day. pete, it was when we had a city councilman on, from baton rouge, who first mentioned that he had been a marine. gavin e. long. we have now had a look at his service records, with that, and what else have you learned? >> on to the point you were just talking about, the latest information we have from law enforcement officials is that while they are actively checking whether others were involved in the shooting, there is a growing belief by the investigators that the gunman who fired the shots acted alone. there was some confusion about this, because witness told police that they thought at least two others were involved in the shooting attack and police said they were pursuing two others. but so far there has been no
4:36 pm
confirmation that anyone else was involved. so one big question tonight as you said earlier, who made that 911 call that drew the police to the scene in the first place. was it somebody innocently reporting seeing a man with a gun or was it someone hoping to lure them there for an ambush. we don't know the answer to that tonight. but the man authorities say fired the shot is identified as 29-year-old gavin eugene long of kansas city, missouri. in fact, officials say he just turned 29 today. this was his birthday. and now police are in the process of searching his house in kansas city. it has taken them a while to get the proper legal documentation and clear the neighborhood as they prepare to do that search. as for the military record you talk about, the military officials say he served five years in the u.s. marine corps as a computer specialist, getting out with the rank of sergeant in 2010. he was deployed to iraq for six months in 2008. and we have been told by some
4:37 pm
law enforcement officials who say they're looking at whether he was associated in the past with an anti-government movement known as the sovereign citizens. it is a loose organization of people, they generally believe that local police have no authority, that the federal government has little authority, they don't trust the u.s. currency, they often file liens against people and clog up the courts with documents. but they do believe that the sheriff in local jurisdictions is the only one that has authority. but the big question, why baton rouge is unanswered tonight. >> and, pete, i'm looking over the service record in the marine corps, as you pointed out, it was a data specialist position, noninfantry, looking at parallels to these other hideous stories we have been covering. in dallas, people thought there was a two or three gunman because of, i think because of
4:38 pm
the sonic evidence, just because of the report of the long guns made it sound like the rounds were coming from many different locations. >> i think it is partly that. i have yet to be familiar with a shooting like this, that people see that they don't believe there were others involved. it is a logical thing because of the sound, you see people running around, some of them may be plain clothes officers, some of them may be other people in the area who have guns that were just running out of the way and weren't involved. so it is a logical thing. but the best information we have tonight is that after many hours now of looking into this, they don't believe that there were others involved in the shooting, that it was just one person. >> pete, can i ask you, this is rachel here in new york, can i ask about the sovereign citizen mention. do we know anything about why law enforcement is looking that direction if there is anything about either the behavior of this man during the shooting,
4:39 pm
anything else about what is known about him publicly or how he's linked to other people publicly that is driven them in that direction, that made them ask those questions about the sovereign citizen movement? >> yeah, our understanding is it is a simple check of records that going through the law enforcement databases there was a suggestion he was connected with sovereign citizens in the past whether that turns out to be true or not, i don't know. one of the many things they're looking at. i should say that the sovereign citizens in general are not violent. they are paper filers. they complain about the authority of local and state governments. they do not engage in violent behavior. but there have been deadly confrontations with police, those are exceptional, but not unheard of. but there is no confirmation
4:40 pm
about this. just something that was -- that turn up in an initial check of the records on him, whether it is going to be confirmed or not, i don't know. a lot of this will depend on what they find in the search of his house, which they're preparing to do tonight. and then looking through all of his electronic media, as they always do, in these cases. >> pete williams in our washington bureau, on the story all day long, pete, thank you. we'll take a break in our coverage. when we come back, as we're watching these two different stories tonight, we'll head out to cleveland as part of our preview coverage of the gop convention getting under way. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. now get a swiss gear backpack for only $10. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. [ park rides, music and crooooh!unds ] [ brakes screech ]
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as we have these dual stories tonight, competing for our attention and yours, we go to cleveland, ohio, where they have just about finished the laying of the carpet and the placing of the state stanchions and the chairs will be going to that about to be convention floor in just a moment. >> even though logistics of the convention were unusual, brian, with the cleveland cavaliers, going to the end of the nba season, one of the issues that the various cities that were competing for the convention, that they had to sort of make arrangements for and make an explanation for is when would the arena be available for the teams to get in and start setting up. when cleveland was making its bid, it did not cross anybody's mind that the cavaliers might be
4:45 pm
in the finals of the nba. they ended up winning, i think, ending what was a 52-year drought for major league sports national championships out of cleveland teams. so they had less time to set up in cleveland than they expected. they also ended up having less money than they expected. one of the interesting inside politics stories of the last few days that the rnc appears to be about $6 million short of what they said they wanted to raise, what they said they would raise in order to mount this event. there was some sort of intriguing political story, a couple of days ago, the rnc had written to rich gop donor sheldon, asked him to cover all $6 million, asked him to cover the short fall, they ended up apologizing for that letter becoming publicly known, but we still don't know if they made up that money or how they will have to cut their plans in order to make up for the fact that they did not hit their budget. with all of that sort of inside politics stuff going on, you expect the convention to be sort
4:46 pm
of wall to wall coverage now and all sorts of american media. it has been pushed down the page by all of the other news going on including this latest absolutely tragic news of the three officers losing their lives and one other fighting for his life right now in baton rouge. with that, as the sort of setting with the 30 days that we had or so, of violent and shocking news, heading into this convention, it does sort of put a different cast on this entire event. we're going to our friend chris hayes at cleveland, going to be covering that for us. i wonder, you've done so much great coverage in terms of police violence, the response to police violence and what has been happening with this whole other lane of things we have been dealing with as a country including dallas and now the baton rouge shootings today. do you think that changes what we should expect for cleveland this week? >> i think it will change it a little bit. i expect rhetoric about -- not
4:47 pm
just rhetoric, expressions of grief and solidarity tomorrow night for the three fallen officers in baton rouge, also for those in dallas. i think that it does change the complexion, everyone is trying to figure out how. one of the striking things to me, for a book i'm writing, i've been spend something time reading about 1968, an election that people talk about a lot because the country was in tumult, and there are some comparisons there. but 1968, you had dozens of people killed in the streets in major american cities and riots. you had two major political figures assassinated and ongoing war against the backdrop of a nation that was seeing a once in a lifetime spike in actual violent crime. that was the backdrop which richard nixon ran on law and order. 2016 is very different. both in terms of the political -- what the majority coalition of the country is, the background realities of crime in
4:48 pm
america, levels of violence and at same time it cannot but be the case that the pervasive sense of unease of violence hanging around every corner of political violence particularly which i think has a specific kind of unsettling quality to it is going to affect the political situation. so far it has been sort of oddly fascinating if terrifying to watch how it has resonated through the political conversation. >> and, chris, making that 1968 allegory, i think you're right in terms of the magnitude of the two different situations that we're talking about. and 1968 being not just quantitatively but in some ways qualitati qualitatively among the stress. we are hearing an overt and direct not just echo, but xerox copy of the law and order strategy that nixon ran on in
4:49 pm
'68 from the trump campaign. the trump campaign decided to repeatedly emphasize even now that they have got mike pence on the ticket and they could go different direction now with pence there, they're saying we are the law and order campaign, this is the law and order. trump is the law and order candidate. we demand law and order. we saw that over and over and over again from trump today. what are the democrats doing in response to that? what do we expect in terms of the republican party behaving -- republican party behavior with that at the top of their ticket? >> it is a great question. and i think there is two things happening here. one is that the trump campaign and trump himself i think clearly feel that atmosphere of panic, fear the world is burning helps them politically and i think they think that trump presents a strong and people interpret this violence as a sign of weakness. he made the argument that is a sign of weakness. that has not born out of the polls we should be very clear.
4:50 pm
there was a lot of question after orlando. what the political ramifications would be. and in fact the political ramifications did not seem to move in trump's direction, if anything they moved against trump. and so it is a very different situation. i anything, they moved against trump. the rhetoric you see from the democratic party is rooted in the fundamental democratic reality of what that coalition stands for and upon whose shoulder it stands which is to say, barack obama lost the white vote by margins that got george h.w. bush elected president. it is strongly and cannot be anything else and political violence, black citizens killed at the hands of police. difficult for the direct party in the way that they cannot
4:51 pm
simply have a kind of rhetoric that they had back in 1992 when bill clinton famously flew home to arkansas to oversee the death penalty of someone convicted there. >> chris hayes, thank you. brian? >> let's stay in cleveland and go down to the floor of this about to be republican convention. this being the great public arenas after corporate institutions. that would mean the quicken loans arena. that is jacob soborof that is not controlled by any corporate entity that we know of. jacob, i have a question. >> yes, sir. >> this is the first we've really seen it in hd. it looks beautiful. the screen over the -- up and above the podium looks great and, of course, that's programmable. they can put whatever graphics they want. the black area behind you alongside the steps and under
4:52 pm
the podium, is that one-way glass to your -- there you go. what is that? >> reporter: this area right here, why don't we come over here. let's get up on the stage. i don't know if we're allowed to do this but as you're looking right here -- they are telling us not to come up on the stage. speakers are getting ready to participate. okay. i'll come down right now. >> you're going to get tackled. >> reporter: brian, you're getting me into trouble. but we're looking at the stage and what it loose looks like up on the stage and we have both a screen that curves out and curves back in here and that was by design to bring the viewers at the republican party into the process. what i want to talk to you guys about is, as you know, i've been on the road for the vast majority of the last six months. i've met so many delegates along the way and it's amazing to think that 2,472 of those delegates are going to fill up that room, if they all show up,
4:53 pm
starting tomorrow. say hi to brian and rachel. >> hi, brian, rachel. >> what's amazing to think about, though, is where those delegates will be seated starting tomorrow night. if you look at this, there is pennsylvania front and center and behind it is ohio, and as you come along here, states are being awarded. maryland, kentucky, arkansas, for voting for mr. trump in their primary elections. as i bring you to the back, we're getting into ted cruz territory. this is delaware, kansas, maine and wyoming. one state in particular i want to show you around the corner here, that is colorado. it was home to the stock the delegates movement.
4:54 pm
one group is from colorado and if there's any protests, you see paul manafort rubbing it in doing a colorado interview at the moment. it will start in this area, in colorado. by design, i think so. it will be in the very back of the auditorium but we, i will say, will have a front row seat because this is where the nbc news/msnbc broadcast will be. we anticipate some form of protests tomorrow and we will see it front and center from our broadcast location. the one last thing i want to show you in my travels well on the road for the primary election, is the seats are quite comfortable. when you go to the cavaliers game, it's not the seats that the donald trump family will be sitting in. believe it or not, this jet black podium with gold stars and gold trim is where donald trump will be seated. maybe you're surprised, probably not. there's something inside i want to show you. given the news, given the
4:55 pm
speakers, given what we expect to hear up there on the stage, they are reminding everybody that with team trump, you are being filmed. >> it's very important, everything you eat, everything you say, every time you may think you're tired. jacob, we will become more than familiar with the confines of that arena over the next couple of days. other than that, if you become president, you get to hand out patronage jobs. it's a terrific part of the job. but before you're president, if you're trying to be president, decide where the states sit. >> yeah. and it does feel particularly sort of exciting, just from a news coverage point of view, that colorado got shunted. but to have our camera next to
4:56 pm
them, you could say that we were shunted as well. >> ground level broadcast studio, what could go wrong? and we'll get into the science of a convention as well, like the mylar film they put on the walls to make it look like a mirror but it's just a crowd without end and the convention is young. not yet under way in cleveland. we will take a break here and our coverage, of course, whipsawing back and forth between these two different stories, a preview of the next four days and yet covering the profound sadness and tragedy in baton rouge, louisiana. we'll be back after this. she spent summer binge-watching.
4:57 pm
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ssoon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week these 1-subject notebooks just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. we as a nation have to be loud and clear but nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. >> today at approximately 8:40 a.m., several louisiana law enforcement officers were shot. >> i asked if the police officers who engaged with the suspect had any kind of dialogue with i am had. he told me flat out there is no talking, just shooting. >> shots fired! shots fired! officer down! shots fired! >> all federal law enforcement assets that are needed will be given to this investigation. we believe the person that shot and killed our officers, that he is a person that was shotnd


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